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ERAE AMS has passion for the leading technology and strict quality standards.
ERAE AMS advances together with the automotive component industry.
ERAE AMS was established in 1984 in the Dalseong Industrial Complex in Daegu, Korea with the goal of becoming the leading global manufacturer of automotive components. Since then, it has been producing core automotive components and modules such as the components for driveline, brake, steering, autonomous driving and EV system, engine-related products and electronic control components at the state of the art of research and manufacturing facilities.
Dynamic company moving ahead to the world marketplace
ERAE AMS is a automotive components supplier. Its excellent technology has been acknowledged by world renowned automobile manufacturers from USA, Germany, France, Italy and India as well as Korea as it has supplied compact and lightweight automotive components with outstanding performance and durability based on unparallel capability in management, production, and technology.
Creating new value, technology and vibrant corporate culture
ERAE AMS is fully dedicated to become a global leader in the automotive component industry by achieving world-class technology, quality, price and service. ERAE AMS is also committed to growing along with suppliers and local communities.