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Main products are introduced below.
Ball Spline Shaft High Efficiency Rzeppa Joint Counter Track Plunging Joint Anti-Shudder T/P Joint
Overview The Ball Spline Shaft receive driving force by connecting the transmission joint and delivering driving force to wheel joint that is angulated during wheel steering. Ball Spline Halfshaft has excellent NVH performance as well as large stroke ability. Therefore, it is applied to off-road vehicles such as SUVs, RVs, and trucks which have a large range of suspension device movements depending on the terrain.
Features · Separate the axial stroke from the transmission joint.
· The larger moving distance compared to the existing
    transmission joint.
· The larger angulation performance compared to the existing
    transmission joint.
· Minimization of friction resistance. (Excellent NVH performance)
The Ball Spline Shaft consists of a total of six parts. Tubular Shaft, Solid Shaft & Ball delivers driving force, and Cage, Retaining Ring & Sealer. The Solid shaft receives driving force from the transmission and delivers to the Tubular Shaft through the ball. In the meantime, Cage constrains Ball's position within Ball Groove. Two types of Retaining Rings restrain the cage during stroke to prevent internal parts from leaving.