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Main products are introduced below.
Electronic Stability Control Electric Parking Brake Caliper Brake Power Brake
Overview The ESC is the key technology in autonomous driving and vehicle stability control and controls vehicle posture securely under any road condition while driving. It also improves efficiency of fuel and regenerative braking by the cooperation with other control systems in vehicle
Features · Applicable to the various segment of the eco-friendly electric
    vehicle and ICE vehicle
· Various value added functions regarding vehicle control such as
    ABS, TCS, ESC, AEB, ACC, ect. can be implemented
    per customer request
· Capable of operation with the ADAS which will be expanded
    more in the future.
Vehicle driving information from various sensors are provided to ECU which analyzes vehicle driving information and controls HCU. The HCU activates hydraulic mechanism to transmit braking force to each wheel according to the control signals received from ECU