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Main products are introduced below.
eAxle VCU EV Platform
Overview e-Axle is An electric drive solution for EV and PHEV application that replaces engine and transmission in internal combustion engines.

e-Axle is an electronically controlled drive system for EVs and consists of a motor-inverter-TCU module and a two-speed transmission including a dual clutch.
Features · 2 Speed Transmission for enhanced driving performance &
    energy efficiency.
· Torque Vectoring to improve the driving safety.
· Co-Axial type .
· C to F / J and M Segment (2WD or 4WD) available.
When the motor is driven, power is transmitted to the 1st & 2nd Counter Shaft and the pressure is supplied from the hydraulic control system to operate the piston to transmit power to the Drive Shaft through the 1st and 2nd gear shift and Final Ring Gear Assy.

Power is transmitted and cut off to the Drive Shaft through the piston pressurization and release, which operates through the hydraulic pressure supplied from EOP & Valve Body Assy.