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In-Vehicle Infotainment
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Main products are introduced below.
Overview Erae AMS is providing customers with Total Solution of Infotainment product Including Hardware, Software and Mechanics. We are doing SW/HW/ME in housing to enable self-development related to infotainment system. Based on efficient engineering, Erae AMS aims to become the most preferred partner for customers
Features · 10.1” (1540x720) IPS LCD w/ Capacitive Touch, Android OS
· Radio, BT, USB, AUX, RVC, GPS
· Connectivity – Android Auto, CarPlay
· 8.x” (1540x360) IPS Display w/ Capacitive Touch & AR glass
· Multi-Touch (10 fingers) Support
· Smart HVAC control with haptic feedback (Nice click)
There are various technologies and functions including Radio, Video, Navigation, which are basic functions of IVI. Additionally as Climate Control Integration, Phone connectivity, Multi-OS support system using QNX Hypervisor, and haptic feedback solution can be used.